The Alms Move to North Dakota


Hans and his family left Minnesota in about 1903.  Anne's brother Andrew (Anders) bought a farm north of McHenry in Eddy Township/Eddy County, and Hans 160 acres in Freeborn Township/Eddy County.

The map of Freeborn township shows Hans' holdings in section 28.  Click on it for a larger image in a new window.


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The Hans Alms and Andrew Kantens were double cousins.

Hans was a painter, not a farmer. There was a severe drought that forced Andrew to plan a move to Saskatchewan, Canada. Andrew sold his land in Eddy Township.  Hans wanted no part of leaving the United States.  In 1905, the family moved to Binford. 


Map showing location of Binford ND


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Settling in Binford

Binford, 1910

Binford - about 1910

Original Plat Map of Binford


The Johnson Land Company of Iowa purchased a flax field owned by Gabriel Gabrielson. When the Northern Pacific laid its tracks in 1899, "Blooming Prairie" was born.  The little village was renamed Binford after attorney Ray Binford of Charles City, Iowa, who handled the Land Company's purchase.

In the fall of 1899 a lumberyard and general store opened. The Maurer Hotel was built in 1900....and by 1905 Binford had all the accouterments of an up and coming North Dakota town! It boasted its own newspaper, a bank, grain elevator, a hardware store, two groceries, a couple of pool hall-bowling alleys, two churches, and various other establishments!

1915 Binford Girls Basketball Team




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Binford - about 1925


Of the Alm children, only Oscar and Helen remained in Binford.  None of  the grandchildren lived in Binford as adults.  Today there are no Alms living in Binford - but, whether they know it or not,  a little piece of Binford lives in every Alm's heart.


Binford's 'Skyline' today - from ND 1

Binford's "Skyline" - 2000


Small Towns

Small towns are an attitude
Toward helping one another.
Where each man finds special joy
In making glad the other.

A small town thrives on kindly words
And kindly deeds to share.

The essence of each day is this
Capacity to care.

Yes, small towns are an attitude
Toward loving simple things.
Like quilting bees and church bazaars,
And Christmas carollings.

A small town thrives on hayrack rides
And programs in the park.
With picnics and school affairs
And bonfires after dark.

The attitude is one of peace
From deeply thankful hearts,
Who saw the deeds that must be done
And gladly did their part.
                              (Author Unknown)



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