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The Stone Church

Sheldon/Houston Townships

Houston County, Minnesota

The Stone Church, Houston County Minnesota

Interior of the Stone Church, altar

The Stone Church was organized in 1855. The church building was constructed by its members from stones quarried from atop a nearby hill during the 1860's.  


To the left is the interior of the church in 2003.  The altar was built by church members and replicates the altar in the church where many of the Stone Church's members had worshipped in Norway.  The statue of Jesus now stands where the pulpit was originally placed . 


Gulbrand Kassenborg, his wife and children Geline, Andreas, and Gilbert were early members of the church. Church records from 1854 mention the Kassenborgs and Kristi and Ole Grover.


Tarje is the first known clerk of the church. Tarje and Geline's children Gustav, Alexander, Edward, Christian and Mary were all baptized here.  

Early Church History

Geline's mother Astri died in Houston County and is buried in the Stone Church cemetery. 



Astri Kassenborg Tombstone

Her gravestone is inscribed:


Kona (wife of)

Gulbrand Kasenborg

født (born)

12 Okt 1806

døde (died)

14 Nov 1871


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From the historical marker at the site:

With a Bible in one hand and an axe and a gun in the other, Norwegian emigrants settled in the area in 1853. Realizing their dependence on the Lord and his guidance, with the help of a traveling minister of the Gospel, Rev. V. Koren, a Lutheran congregation was established in this community in 1855. Construction of this beautiful church was started in 1863, the rock quarried from the adjacent hills. The work was stopped during the Civil War, but the church was completed in 1866 at a cost of $4,385. It was dedicated to the glory of God in the same year. Desirous of maintaining complete harmony, this church is located in Houston and Sheldon townships, the township line running up the center aisle of the church. May the Blessings the Lord has poured out on this community never be forgotten.

Historical marker at the Stone Church


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