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1920-1940 Census

Allette married Elmer Grover in 1914.



1920 US Census

Minnesota - Clay County - Moland Township

Enumerated January 20, 1920 - Household # 79, Family #82

Grover, ElmerHeadOwnM30MNMNIAFarmer
AlletteWife F26NDMNMN 
Raymond HSon M4 1/2MNMNND 
Gerld ASon M1 9/12MNMNND 
Peterson, AlfredLaborer M45DenmarkDenmarkDenmarkLaborer

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Thor was born in Norway - the place of birth listed for Allette's father is incorrect. 


1930 US Census

Minnesota - Clay County - Oakport Township

Enumerated April 22, 1930 - Household # 26

NameRel'shipOwn RentRadio?AgeOccupationBirth Place
Grover, Elmer T JHeadOwnYes41Grain FarmerMN
Allette CWife  37NoneND
Raymond HSon  14 MN
Gerald ASon  12 MN
Wanda PDaughter  7  
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Thor's place of birth is again listed as Minnesota.  He was only 3 when he came to America; if Elmer did the reporting he may simply have assumed that, like his own parents, both of Alet's parents were also born in the US.

1940 US Census

Minnesota - Clay County - Oakport Township

Enumerated April 3 1940 - Household # 13

NameRel'shipOwn RentAgeEducationOccupationBirth PlaceHours Worked 3/20-3/26
Grover, Elmer T JHeadRent516th grade FarmerMN60
Allette CWife 475th grade ND 
Raymond HSon 24HS GradFarmerMN60
Gerald ASon 22HS Grad MN 
Wanda PDaughter 173 yrs HSstudentMN 
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