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Gerald Alexander Grover (1918-1989)

High School Graduation
Wedding photo
Jerry's family

Gerald Alexander Grover was born on March 19, 1918 on his parents' farm in Clay County MN.

Jerry was elected captain of his high school football team and, at a time when the University of Minnesota's Gophers were ranked #1 in the nation, he was offered what was then a rare full football scholarship.  Jerry declined.  He wasn't much for school or big cities; all he really wanted out of life was to be a farmer.

He left for the Army in April, 1941 and was serving in Texas when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  He maintained the guns in Oakland California until early 1945 when he was transferred to Europe. He was processed out of the Army in January 1946.

Jerry returned home to a very different world.  His mother, favorite uncle, and grandparents had all died during his absence.  His best friend had been killed in Europe during the war and the girl he had hoped to marry had married someone else.  All of that had a profound impact on his perspective and attitude toward life.  He farmed with his brother for a short time, but although they had been inseparable before the war (and would remain close for the rest of their lives), farming together as adults didn't work at all well.

Jerry had saved over $5,000 during his military service.  He loaned Ray the money to purchase his own farm, and Ray would often say that without his brother's help he could never have been successful. Jerry continued to farm with his father, buying out his interest in 1957.

In 1950, Jerry married Ruby Alm.  They had dated off and on before the war and the relationship was renewed when he returned home.  They had two children.

Jerry and Ruby retired to their lake home on Big Twin Lake near Frazee MN in 1985.  He enjoyed great friendships, fishing and creating what would become family heirlooms in his fully equipped woodshop.  He died of cancer on May 4, 1989.  Ruby died in 2002.  They are buried in Concordia Lutheran Church Cemetery, rural Glyndon MN.


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