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A Letter Home from Europe from Jerry

Army Picture of Gerald Grover


May 10, 1944


Dear Folks,


Well we got ourselves a new home again.  I guess it won’t be too bad.  So here is my new address.

             Co B  424 Inf Reg

             106 Division

             APO 443   NY NY

I hope one can stay settled now. I am getting tired of this knocking around.

I suppose you are kept pretty busy these days. Have you got all the grain in yet or has it been raining. I hope not.  Hope it dries out so you can get the wheat plowed under so you can get it planted into corn or something.

How is Clarence1 and Albert2 making out or is Albert’s leg still on the bum. I hope not.

I imagine W. V.3 has got everything in motion now after he bought himself another section. I was glad to see him get it.

Did you get a corn planter or didn’t they get enough in so you got one4.

I got a batch of money here. Will be sending a $100 money order or sumthing as soon as possible. One don’t need it here that’s for sure.  I imagine there was lots of celebrating going on when the official word that Germany surrendered5. There were a few flares going off in Paris and Mintz but it wasn’t like I expected.  The French that were prisoners are on their way home now & they appear to be awful happy. They got French flags flying and the 40 & 86 are all decorated with branches and whatever they can get.

Some of the German people appear as though they are glad its over and others act or look like a licked pup or sumthing.  The church bells ring and lots of people go to church.  Wasn’t it Hitler that didn’t believe in church if I remember right. I was surprised to see it.

I never seen as many young kids in all my life.  Every girl old enough seems to be pushing a baby buggie.  The people are fairly well dressed compared to the French.  I suppose they took all the French had and used it on their own people.

The farming in both countries look like they are 100 years or more behind times.  I seen only one tractor since I left and it was a charcoal burner.

I guess I will close now and drop a line when you get the time.


So Long








1.Clarence Grover, Jerry’s paternal uncle 

2.Albert Grover, Clarence’s son, had suffered a badly broken leg. 

3.Wilfred V. Grover, son of a paternal great uncle.

4. Production quotas placed on non-war material and as a result many items, apparently including corn planters, were not  readily available. 

5. Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945. 

6. “The 40 & 8” is the American flag (48 states in the Union during WW II).

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