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Raymond Hegland Grover (1915-1993)

Ray in 1916

Ray and Pearl

Raymond Hegland Grover was born on December 23, 1915.  He was the first child of Elmer and Allette (Hegland) Grover. In his 70's he would still muse that parents should try to avoid having "Christmas babies" because having a birthday at Christmas time was no fun at all.


Ray survived a bout of polio as a young boy that left one leg slightly shorter and weaker than the other.  He and Jerry were inseparable as kids and young adults. More than one of the "gals" from the neighborhood would remark that the two of them were the "best looking boys in the county."  Although they went on to lead very different lives, these two brothers remained each other's most trusted confidante.


Ray farmed with his father and then with his brother until 1950 when he purchased a Kassenborg cousin's farm, located just a field away.  There were few days when Ray's pick-up wasn't spotted pulling into the yard or field to share a few words with Jerry.  Ray expanded his operation over the years, incorporating in the 1970's. Ray was active in both church and community organizations, holding positions on a number of agri-business and other boards of directors.  He was a good businessman who loved everything to do with farming. A day in the field trying out all the gadgets on a new tractor was pure heaven for Ray!


Ray married Pearl Bolton on November 30, 1948. They truly loved and understood each other. Ray & Pearl enjoyed a cabin on Big Cormorant Lake and winter get-aways to Hawaii.  Both were avid bowlers.


Ray came in for supper on the evening of April 7, 1993 and stretched out on the sofa to watch the evening news. He passed away quickly and peacefully from congestive heart failure.


Pearl died of Alzheimer's on November 14, 2013.  They are buried in Concordia Church Cemetery, rural Glyndon MN.  





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