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Wanda (Grover) Sem Pomeroy (1922-2006)


Wanda and Herman Sem
 Wanda and her family
Wanda and Jim

Wanda Pauline Grover was born on November 17, 1922. Her twin sister did not survive the birth.


Her Uncle George Hegland had a job waiting for her in western North Dakota when she finished high school.  It was there she met her future husband, Herman Sem.


When her mother became ill, Wanda returned home to care for her and manage the house for her father and brother, Ray.  The responsibilities almost overwhelmed her, but looking back Wanda would always say it was an honor and privilege to be able to care for her mother in her final days.


Herman was called to service in World War II. His participation in the liberation of Nazi concentration camps at the end of the war would stay with him the rest of his days.


Herman and Wanda were married on June 17, 1946.   Wanda wore a dress she fashioned from a silk parachute her brother Jerry sent home from the war.  The family settled in Plentywood, Montana.  Wanda and Herman had four children.  Wanda became a sought after piano teacher and was active in many local organizations.


After Herman's death in 1983, Wanda moved to Great Falls. She continued giving piano lessons and was organist for the local Episcopal Church for most of the rest of her life.  The priest there asked Jim Pomeroy to give her a ride to church.  One thing led to another, and Jim and Wanda were married on September 25, 2004.


Wanda passed away on February 22, 2006 after an extended hospitalization following heart surgery.  She was buried in Plentywood with her first husband, Herman, her son Gary and daughter Carol.



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