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1925 ND and 1930-1940 U.S. Census


1925 North Dakota Census

North Dakota - Cass County - City of Fargo 

Sheet #79  Lines 20-22  Dwelling #7, Family #7

Heggland Anton26Hegland Gertrude A24
Heggland, Wanda5Hegland, Durward J5
Heggland, Lester5 None

Wanda, DJ and Lester were not triplets!

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1930 US Census

North Dakota - Cass County - City of Fargo - First Precinct

Enumerated April 9, 1930  Household #167 Family#202

At the time of the 1930 Census, Tony and his family were living at 912 4th Street South.

NameRel'shipOwn RentAgeAge 1st MarrOccupationPlace of Birth
Hegland AntonHeadRent $35/mo3121Sign PainterMN
GertrudeWife 2818NoneMN
Wanda Ddaughter 9 NoneMN
Durward Json 8 NoneMN
Lester Lson 7 NoneMN
Marilyn Jdaughter 1 9/12 NoneMN

Wanda, DJ and Lester are all in school.

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1940 US Census

Minnesota - Clay County - City of Moorhead - Second Ward - 410 4th Street South

Enumerated April 12, 1940  Household #70

NameRel'shipOwn RentAgeHrs/Wk WorkedOccupationYearly Income
Hegland AntonHeadRent $30/mo4143Sign Painter1440
GertrudeWife 39 Maid285
Wanda Ddaughter 1940Typist - Commercial Credit Assn560
Durward Json 1854Hardware Salesman162
Lester Lson 1745Film Finishing Helper238
Marilyn Jdaughter 11   









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