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1910 Census


In the spring of 1906, Bernhard began working in Red Lake County MN. Sophie always said that before he moved to Clay County, he was working for "relatives."  That is the only clue to his connection to the household in which he is recorded in the 1910 Census. 

Ole Holum and Gunder Hegland are both listed as heads of household, but are not listed as separate families.  There is no indication of a relationship between Ole and Gunder, but it would seem likely that such a relationship existed.

Bernhard is listed as Gunder's nephew. Thor's father Mikkel had a brother Gunnar Muhle, but he was born in 1814. Gunder was born in 1855, and his family seems to have been associated with the East Hegland farm in Sannidal, Telemark. 

More work will have to be done to figure out the connection between Bernie and the family with whom he resided in the 1910 Census.  If you can offer any hints or explanations, please email!


1910 US Census

Minnesota - Red Lake County - Equality Township

Enumerated April 30, 1910 - Household # 75-76

Holum, Ole OHead33NorwayFarmer 
Hegland, Gunder BHead55NorwayFarmerImmig. 1890
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