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Bernhard's Last Letter Home


 The 30th Division, of which Bernhard was a part, played a pivotal role in the breach of the Hindenberg Line in France at the end of September, 1918.  The fighting had been hand-to-hand and vicious, and when it was over the 118th Infantry was sent to the rear for a little r & r.

Officers were sent off to schools and the expectation was that the men would spend a week or more behind the lines. The Allies had the "Huns on the run," so the 30th was almost immediately ordered back to the front to continue pushing the Germans back. 

The orders to return to the fighting came down on October 4th, but it doesn't seem that Bernhard knew he would be heading back into the fray when he wrote this letter to his brother Carl back in McIntosh. 

Last letter to CarlThis is believed to be the last letter that Bernhard wrote. Four days later, on October 8, 1918, Bernie would die from wounds received in battle.
(spelling and punctuation corrected for ease of reading)

Oct 4, 1918
Dear Brother Carl
I have just got out of the line and are feeling fine and hope you folks are the same.  I hve not got any letters from home for a long time, they must be getting lost [along the] way. 
We had some time this time when we was up there.  We had the Huns a going. 
We have had a spell of cold weather here now, suppose you have got some of it in US.
All the boys from up around home got out of the line alright this time. Its not as bad as you'd think it would be.  They don't like the American ...
What kind of a crop are they getting up around there this fall? I have not seen a field page twofor a long time, only battle fields.  Hope it will soon be over as I have seen all I care to see of it.  I have not got anything to write about so I might as well ring off for this time.
Hoping to hear from you soon
Co F 118 Infantry, APO 749
Your bro, B Hegland
Greet all the folks
Good by

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