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A Letter to Bernhard

George wrote this letter to Bernhard (who was serving in France during WWI) October 31, 1918 unaware that his brother had been killed weeks earlier.   Andrew Nomland, another Polk County soldier, replied.


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Glyndon, Minn.
Oct. 31, 1918

Dear Bro:   I have not heard from you yet since you left for France so I thought I would write again.  We have not been feeling well now for a while. There is a Influenza raging all over the country here now and nearly everyone is having it.  They had it at home too. I have not heard lately how they are, but I presume they are over it now as they have had it a long while.  How is France now? Carl he should leave for camp too, but then he got sick the day he got his notice. So now we don't know when he will go. I am working for Ted (Bekkerus, Sophie's husband) yet. I expect to stay here another month yet. Then I go to Fargo again I think. Well if you write to me after you receive this letter you may address it to in care of The D.B.C. (Dakota Business College)  Fargo N.D. but maybe you will get hold of the dam kaiser before that time, if you do send him across the pond and we shall fiks 'em.

Well news is scarce so will close for now.

     Your Brother,
          Geo. Hegland

Please try to write a little oftener. Greet Dennie and Odin.   

 Andrew's reply
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The reply

Moutbizot, France  Jan 6th, 1919

Mr. Hegland.    I got hold of this letter some time ago, but as there was no return address on the outside I didn't know what to do with it, so I opened it to get the address.

Well I suppose you know what happened to "Bernhard" by this time, if you don't you can write to me or come and see me when I get home, as I was together with him much, but I was not with him when he got wounded.  B Nasland was wounded too and sent to hospital but I haven't heard from him since.

Will be on our way home now in a few days.

             Respt. yours,
                      Andrew Nomland
                      Fisher, Minnesota

Written up the side: Hard telling if you'll get this letter or not but this is the best I can do.

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