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Church Membership

When Leonard & Myrtle moved to Clay County, they first became members of Concordia Lutheran Church.  When Roger was ready for confirmation, the congregation was searching for a new pastor.  Rather than delay his confirmation, Roger's parents decided they would transfer to Trinity Lutheran in Moorhead, where they remained active members the rest of their lives -- and, decades later, Roger served a term as church treasurer.

Church protocol required that the pastor of the congregation they were leaving provide a "Letter of Transfer."  Below is the one prepared by the pastor in McIntosh dated November 23, 1939. Although they had no doubt been attending Concordia since they moved to Clay County in 1935, formal membership was probably required before Roger entered Sunday School.
Transfer from McIntosh

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When the family transferred their membership from Concordia to Trinity, Trinity presented them with a commemorative booklet that included the following certificate. It was dated Christmas Day, 1946:


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