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A Letter to Cousin Robert

When Roger was 12, he wrote this letter to his cousin Robert thanking him for his birthday present and bringing him up-to-date on the latest news:

Dear Robert,

I am writing this letter with the new pen you gave me.  It sure writes nice.
We came to town today and went I went to confirmation.  We are over at Agnes Rice's now.
Did you know that Butch and Katy (Tony's son and wife) are home and Lester (Butch's brother) got married the 12.  Butch was home for the wedding.  Lynn has got a pen and is asking for more and more ink.
We come in to Rice's for a waffle supper or dinenr I mean.  We got home Tuesday night about 7 o'clock.  I've got almost all my make-up work done.  Last night we went to community club.  We danced till about 2 o'clock.  Mother stayed in town the last couple of nights to help Sophie houseclean.
Your cousin,
Roger Hegland
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