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1865 Norwegian Census

Lina's Mother
From the Digitalarkivet
Mo Parish        
School District: Egl
Township: Skafse
Farm: Berje #107C, #107D
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Lars TarjessenHead of HouseholdFarm owner & manager48
Kattrine Olsdtrhis wife 47
Kristi Larsdtrtheir daughter 21
Tone Larsdtrtheir daughterseamstress18
Tarje Larssentheir sonhelps his father10
Aasne Larsdtrtheir daughter 15
Juri Larsdtrtheir daughter 13
Olaf Larssentheir son 11
Olaf Larssentheir son 8
Kristoffer Larssentheir son 6

Lina's Father
From the Digitalarkivet
Mo Parish        
School District: Egland
Township: Skafse
Farm: Midgaarden #110
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NameRelationshipAgeMarital Status
Olaf TarjessenManages farm for his father26Single
Daardi TarjesdtrRuns her father's household21Single
Daardi HermansdtrPensioner72Widow
Anund Olssenhired man22Single
Margit Olsdtrmaid21Single
The census lists Anund's mother Bergit as a widow, living on the Medbø farm in Skafse with three daughters.

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