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"The Galley"

Booklet Cover 

In 1933, first cousins Harold and "Babe" Bekkerus and Jerry Grover took a printing class together at Moorhead State Teacher's College-High School.  A booklet entitled "The Galley" was the class project.
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Each class member was responsible for one page in the booklet. Interested in seeing other pages?
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Title Page

Class Members

Harold and Bernherd were one of three sets of brothers.

Bernherd Bekkerus: "Babe to you"

Gerald Grover: "Dark and handsome"

Harold Bekkerus: "Speed"


Class Roll: Gerald Grover

Easy Things: Harold Bekkerus

Be Prepared: Bernherd Bekkerus

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Jerry's PageHarold's PageBabe's Page
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