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From "The Centennial History of 13 Towns"

Page 89:

Book coverThor and Lina Hegland purchased their farm in sections 34-35 from P. O. Mandt in 1914.  They lived in the P. O. Mandt Store building until their home was completed.  Their children were: Sophie, Carl, Alet, Bernard, Anton, George, Lawrence, Alfred, Oscar, Leonard, and Amanda.  Oscar Hegland and wife, Emily (Sundquist), rented the home place (section 21) from 1940-1964.  Then they rented parental Carl Sundquist land.  (Emily had sisters, Jennie and Ruth and brother Carl.)  They purchased Bostrom land in 1964.  (The Bostroms were John, August, and Sophie.).  Heglands sold a small tract to a family in 1982 for a home by the lake.  George Hegland and wife, Ellen, purchased the home place (sections 34-35) in 1945.  George was a banker and Ellen a schoolteacher.  Alfred Hegland with wife, Edith (Frisk), rented A. Lundgren land in section 15 in 1937, purchasing it later.  The first telephone exchange in Lessor was in their log home.  A trail people traveled went through their yard.  Since it was fenced, it had gates to be opened and closed.  Alfred's son and wife purchased a small tract with home (section 22) from Rev. David Molstre in 1979.  It had been the Clarence Voxland place.



"The Centennial History of the Thirteen Towns"

Published for the Thirteen Towns Centennial Celebration

hosted by McIntosh MN June 24-26, 1983

Published June of 1983 by Richards Publishing Company, Inc. of Gonvick MN

Printed by Richards Publishing Company and bound by Midwest Editions Inc, Minneapolis MN

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