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Brandsvold TownshipDeed

Thor purchased a farm in Brandsvold Township for $1700 before moving his family from North Dakota.  The deed transferring ownership from John E. Sater to Thor was signed on March 31, 1898 and filed at 2 PM on April 2. Larger Image

The legal description for Thor's first farm in Polk County:
The southwest quarter of section 21. Plat Map

One Room Schools

Eight of the Hegland children attended school in Brandsvold township.

Bergdahl School






 Sophie, Bernhard, Alet and Carl all completed their 8th grade educations in the Bergdahl school in Brandsvold township.

Anton, George and Lorentz also attended Bergdahl.  Alfred spent first grade at this school.

Flaskerud School

In 1912, school overcrowding led to the creation of the Flaskerud school that included the northern part of Bergdahl's territory.

Anton, George, Lorentz and Alfred were 4 of the 39 students that made up the first class at the new school. 
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