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McIntosh Farm

The legal description for Thor's home farm:
The northeast quarter of section 34 and the northwest quarter of section 35. 1915 Plat Map
The House that Thor built

Thor built the family home in Lessor Township himself between 1914 and 1916 while the family lived in McIntosh. By the time the house was ready, Sophie, Bernhard, and Allette were already on their own.  For the rest of the family, memories of their growing up years center on this house and the farm where they worked and played together.  It remains in the Hegland family.

Thor's Barn
Thor's barn was a community landmark and could be seen for miles -- compare it to the full-sized trees to the left in this picture! It suffered damage in a storm and was torn down in the 1990's.

Machine shed 

Thor and his oldest sons built this machine shed, which is still intact.

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