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Torger's Baptism

KviteseidTorger was baptized at Kviteseid Church in Telemark on October 19, 1855.


Torger's Baptism
From the Digitalarkivet
Scanned Churchbooks
Kvitesied Ministrialbok 1836-1858
Page 229  1855 #97
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Born August 10, 1855
Baptized October 7, 1855
Parents: Michel Tarjesen and Sissel Omundsdtr Hegland,married)
Witnesses:  Oluf Kloppe, John Beckoin?, Gunhild Kloppe, Peder Kjobmand?, Sigrid Wraa and Ingeborg Wraa.


Handwriting in the original record is difficult to read and transcription is strictly a "best guess" .... your guess may be much better than mine! 

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