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March 2018
Bernie's great-nephew visits his grave
Les in photo at Airborne Museum

November 2016
-- Theodore (Ted) Bekkerus

October 2016
 -- Mikkel Hegland funeral record

November 2015
Mikkel Hegland's first marriage

August 2015
Graves at Willow Creek

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Our Patriarch, Thor Hegland

Thor Mikkel Hegland was born Thor Heglandin the Skåfse district of Telemark County, Norway in 1858.

He immigrated with his parents, Mikkel and Sissel, brother Torger, and sister Kristi to Fillmore County, Minnesota in 1861.

      Thor married Gunil Bjornson in Fillmore County in 1887. She joined him on his homestead  outside Overly in Rolette County, North Dakota and had 6 children, 4 of whom survived to adulthood. Gunil died in 1897.

   Thor married Lina Berge in 1898. They moved the family to Polk County Minnesota the same year.  Thor and Lina added 7 more children to the family.

     Thor died at the home of his daughter Sophie in 1941 at age 83 and is buried in Trinity Church Cemetery, rural McIntosh.     More...

Thor's First Wife, Gunil
Thor and Gunil

 Gunil (Gunhild) Endru Bjornson was born January 22, 1860, in Highland Prairie, Fillmore County, Minnesota. She was confirmed at Highland Prairie Lutheran Church on October 18, 1874.

     Gunil and Thor were married on February 12, 1887 at the Highland Prairie church parsonage. She was only 37 years old when she died in 1897.   She left behind  6 children. The oldest, Sophie, was 9 years old. Carl celebrated his first birthday just a month before Gunil died.

     Her funeral was held at Willow Creek Lutheran Church in Overly ND and she was buried in the church cemetery.     More...


Thor's Second Wife, Lina

Thor and Lina

 Lina Katherine Berge was born on April 5, 1876 in Oakridge, Houston County, Minnesota. She was baptized at the Rushford Norwegian Lutheran Church.

   Lina was sent to North Dakota to help Gunil shortly before Carl's birth. Gunil did not recover, and Lina served as her caregiver until her death.

    In 1898, Lina and Thor married and returned to Minnesota, settling in Polk County. Their first farm was near Fosston and later they purchased a farm outside McIntosh.

     Lina died in Moorhead, Minnesota on February 17, 1945 at 68 years of age. She is buried with her husband in Trinity Church Cemetery, rural McIntosh MN.    More...







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