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Allette Hegland Grover (1893-1943)

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Allette Cloudia Hegland was born March 11, 1893 on the family homestead in Rolette County, North Dakota.  She was baptized at Willow Creek Lutheran Church in Overly on April 2. Her sponsors were Knut and Marit Aamodt and Ole and Marit Aamodt.


She was four years old when Gunil died and had only a few vague memories of her mother. Unlike her older sister and brother, Alet held an unqualified affection for Lina, the only mother she ever knew. 


Alet was confirmed a member of Poplar River Lutheran Church outside Fosston MN on July 21, 1907.  She chose to remain at home and helped Lina with her younger half-siblings for a number of years before joining Sophie in the Buffalo River Settlement where she worked in a cook car during the summer of 1912.

One Saturday night she and Sophie attended a barn dance where Alet met and danced with Elmer Grover.  Sophie thought her younger sister was a little off when, the very next morning, Alet told Sophie that she had met the man that she would marry.


Elmer and Alet were married in McIntosh on December 28, 1914. They were attended by Alet's sister Sophie, brothers Bernhard and Tony, and cousin Susie Hegland.


Elmer and Alet made their home in Clay County.  Alet was an excellent seamstress, cook and gardener. She was blessed with an even temper and a dry sense of humor.  They had three children: Raymond Hegland, Gerald Alexander, and Wanda Pauline.


In the mid-1930's, Alet's health began to fail.  In 1942 she spent some months at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN where she was diagnosed with cancer.  She returned home in early 1943.  Her daughter Wanda left her job in North Dakota to care for her mother until her death on December 12, 1943.  Alet was only 50 years old.  She is buried in Concordia Lutheran Church Cemetery, rural Glyndon MN.


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