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Willow Creek Lutheran Church


Willow Creek Lutheran ChurchWillow Creek Lutheran Church in Overly ND was founded in 1885.  Thor likely did not become a member until after his marriage to Gunil Bjornson in 1887. The family is mentioned in this excerpt from the 50th anniversary history:

"During the next few years several families moved into the settlement and united with the congregation.  Among them were the G. Syvertson, the Lars Johnson, Hegland, Haugen, Hagen, Skogstad and Botten families...."         View original image


Sophie, Bernhard, Amanda, George, Allette and Carl were baptized into the Willow River Congregation. 

Funerals for Gunil and her daughter Amanda were held at Willow Creek, and both are buried in Willow Creek Lutheran Cemetery. 

Gunil's son George died after the family moved to Polk County MN, but his body was returned to Overly and he was interred with his mother and sister.

A gravestone was placed for Gunil, Laura Amanda, and George in 2015.

From the 125th anniversary of Willow Creek celebrated in 2010.

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