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Thor and Lina's Marriage

Marriage LicenseLina came to North Dakota to help Gunil before the birth of Carl in 1896.  Lina lost her father either shortly before she left for North Dakota or while she was there.  After Carl's birth, Gunil did not recover and she died in 1897.  Lina stayed on after Gunil's death.

Thor moved the family to Brandsvold Township in Polk County in the spring of 1898.  Thor and Lina were  married on May 26, 1898 in McIntosh by Pastor Reishus, with Rasmus Wefald and Nathalia Afseth as witnesses.
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1898 Church Record for Our Savior's Lutheran Church, McIntosh MN 
#Marriage DateNameAgeParents' NamesBirthplaceWitnessesMarriage Place
2May 26Thor M. Hegland (widower)40Mikkel & Sidsel HeglandKviteseid Parish, NorwayRasmus K. WefaldMcIntosh
Lina Catherina Berge22Aanon & Thone BergeFillmore County MNNathalia Afseth
Pastor ReishusPastor Reishus was born in Koshkonong WI and from 1894-1900 lived in McIntosh while serving St Luke's, Sand Hill, and Sannes congregations.
Thor and LinaThor and Lina about 1940
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