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Hegland Family Ancestors


Mikkel and Sissel Hegland emigrated with their children in May of 1861.  They landed at the port of New York and made their way to Fillmore County.

Mikkel's father was Tarje Mandt. He and his descendants are part of the Olav Mandt line of that notable Telemark family.

Sissel's father Amund and his second wife Margit and their children were already in Minnesota, having come to America in 1853. Sissel's mother Anne died in Norway and Sissel was the only surviving child of that marriage.  Amund was a member of Telemark's Fjågesund family (pronounced "fyoog - eh - sund") that includes Norway's Queen Sonja.

Research into their voyages to America - dates, ships, etc - is currently underway.

These are pictures of Sissel Hegland.  The little girl is Alet.
SisselSissel and Alet
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Photo courtesy Rachel Monson

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Relationship to the Skrei Family of the Buffalo River Settlement in Clay County, Minnesota
Tarje Skrei was part of the first party of settlers that moved from Houston County in southern Minnesota to what would become known as the Buffalo River Settlement in Clay County, Minnesota.
"Tarjei Tarjeisson" was born in 1836, the second son of Mikkel Hegland's older brother Tarjei, who was born in 1809. Bernhard, Carl, Sophie and Alet all came to the Buffalo River Settlement to work in the early 1900's .... Tarje Skrei was their first cousin once removed!   
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