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Tarjei Gastjønn Farm


 Olav Mikkelsen Mandt owned a number of farms, but the 'flagship' was the Gastjønn farm.  When Olav died, it passed to his son and Mikkel Hegland's father, Tarjei.  This is the farm where Mikkel wss born. His brother's great-great-grandson owns it today. 


When Mikkel's father died in 1845, each of his sons received a farm. Mikkel inherited the Berge farm.  When Mikkel married in 1847, he gave up the Berge farm to his brother Lars and moved to his wife Else's farm, Hageland. Else died in childbirth. Mikkel marrried Sissel and shortly before leaving for America in 1861 they lived in a cottage on Gastjønn, in the woods to the left of the meadow shown above.
Lars Berge was Thor's second wife Lena Berge Hegland's grandfather.
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