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George Carlton Hegland (1894-1900)

George  - from a family photo 

Christmas 1894 was a very special holiday.  Gunil gave birth to George Carlton Hegland  on December 24.  He was baptized the following spring, on May 19, 1895, at Willow Creek Lutheran Church in Overly.  His sponsors were Knut Aamodt, Mrs. Albertine Cleveland, and Ole and Inga Aamodt.


He was not quite 3 when his mother died, and moved with his family to Polk County, Minnesota.  George died at the tender age of 5. His funeral was held on March 26, 1900, at Poplar River Lutheran Church outside Fosston, with Pastor Sæter officiating.  His body was shipped back to North Dakota where he was buried next to his mother and sister Amanda in Willow Creek Church Cemetery.

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