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Charel Emil Hegland (1896-1943)


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Carl Emil Hegland was born August 11, 1896.  He was baptized on September 13, 1896 at Willow Creek Church in Overly ND.  His sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Knut Aamodt, Mrs. Ole Aamodt, and Miss Inga Aamodt.

He celebrated his first birthday just a week before his mother's death.  Whatever he knew of his mother or the family's life in the Turtle Mountains he learned from his big sister Sophie and brother Bernhard.  

"Karl Hegland" was confirmed in Poplar River Church, rural Fosston, on August 7, 1910.  He was a kind and gentle man, with a sly sense of humor and great patience. He was a special favorite of his niece and nephews.

Sophie always said that if his big brother Bernhard had been alive, Carl would never have married Evelyn Grover.  She was a first cousin of Allette's husband Elmer, and was acknowledged to be a bitter and difficult woman by her own siblings. Bernhard had first-hand experience with her when he managed her widowed mother's farm in the mid-1910's. 

Carl and Evelyn were married on October 30, 1926. Carl took over the Christian Grover family farm that his brother Bernhard had managed a decade before.  He never was heard to speak a sharp word to or about Evelyn. His patience and consideration for his difficult wife endeared him to her family. Evelyn did not endear herself to his.

Carl and Evelyn made a routine shopping trip to Fargo-Moorhead on March 27, 1943.  After dropping her off to shop in Fargo, Carl drove to Moorhead and stopped to fill the car with gas.  He was only 42 when he collapsed and died of a heart attack at the gas station.  Carl was buried in Concordia Lutheran Church Cemetery, rural Glyndon.   

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