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Mikkel Hegland Family Immigration

The Udflyttede  
Those moving out of a church parish in Norway were required to register their departure with the church. This was true whether parishioners moved to another part of Norway or to another country.
From the Digitalarkivet
Scanned Churchbooks
Kviteseid 1859-1881
Page 598  1861 #222-226
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April 3, 1861   Destination: America
   222Gaardmand Mikkel Tarjeisen Hageland50
   223Sissel Ommundsdatter  35
   224Christi28 Sept 1851 10
   225Tarje10 Aug 1855 5
   226Thor13 Oct 18582
Gaardmand means that Mikkel was a landowner


Research continues on the ship name and departure date from Norway.  We know from naturalization records that the family landed at the port of New York.
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