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Mikkel's Parents - Church Records

Tarje & Christi's Marriage
From the Digitalarkivet
Scanned Churchbooks
Kvitesied Ministerialbok 1800-1814
Page 122  last entry on the page
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Married ? July, 1800
Tarje Olesen Mandt from Skafse
Christi Tarjesdtr Lønnegrav
Witnesses:  Mikkel Olesen (probably Tarje's younger brother) and ??

Christi's baptism
From the Digitalarkivet
Scanned Churchbooks
Kviteseid Churchbook 1773-1786
Page 206 - 3rd Entry
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30 November at Hvidesoe (Kviteseid) Church
Baptism of Targie Aadnesen Lønnegrav's daughter Christi
Witnesses are difficult to read
Tarje's baptism
Born: 7 Jan 1768
          Eikland, Skafså, Telemark
Church record not yet found

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