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This website tries to tell the story of  Thor, Gunil, and Lina Hegland - their ancestors and  descendants - with stories and photos. Expanding the information presented about Thor's siblings Kristi and Torger is also a goal. The website should be a great way for descendants around the country to share their "little piece" of the family story - and help us all get to know our Norwegian forefathers ... and foremothers!

VIDEO CLIPS:  A chance to see or hear these ancestors is a precious gift to the whole family.  We can create a video clip from a VHS tape or DVD... send a copy, and we'll select and create a 1-2 minute clip to share with other family members on the website.  And yes, if you'd like that VHS tape transferred to a DVD, we'll be happy to do that for you, and return both the tape and DVD when we're through.

If there are errors in the information presented on the site, send an email!  If you can add some information or a photo or two, pass it along!

Just want to make a comment or say hello?  Sign our guestbook!


Jane Bekkerus who provided a gedcom of the original Thor Hegland family tree when I started my project. She provided many of the old family photos found on the website. Her recollection of conversations with her mother-in-law Sophie provided invaluable assistance in piecing

together the story of the Heglands in North Dakota.

Scott and Chuck Hegland provided information, photos, and documents about the Tony Hegland branch of the family.
Nancy Hetrick provided records that illuminated the lfie of Sissel's father, Amund Thorson.
Bruce Amundson also contributed information about Sissel's father, Amund Thorson.
Rachel Monson and Verna Hilde for information and photos about Thor's sister Kristi and her family.Lorna Mandt Robertson Iis an intrepid Mandt family researcher, whose information  brought the 'older generations' of the Mandt family to life on this website.
Gen Nelson for the photo of a silver wedding cup made by Hegland ancestor Mikkel Mandt (b. 1792)Dave Gunderson for the pamphlet about Eidsborg Church, Lårdal, Telemark and the details of our "royal connection."

Marsha Magee for photos of the Gilbertson family and the Gilbertson "ancestral" home in Numedal, Norway.

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