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Kristi's Children

Mikkel THEODORE Gilbertson

Born July 4, 1881 - Died July 16, 1961

Married Birget (Bessie) Haugrud

Five children:  Knute, Erwin, Clara, Agnes, Selma and Bella

Theodore was born in Iowa and was still an infant when his parents relocated to North Dakota.


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Selmer Gilbertson

Born May 12, 1887 - Died August 3, 1983

Married Betsy Baarstad

Four children:  Gerald, Margaret, Verna and James


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Martin Oscar Gilbertson

Born November 22, 1889 - Died April 29, 1976

Married Myrl Caroline Johnson

Four children: Judith, Gilman, Gertrude and Milton


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George ALFRED Gilbertson

Born October 20, 1892 - Died February 5, 1970

Married Luella Johnson (sister of Martin's wife Myrl)

Nine children:  Gordon, Audrey, Donald, Ruth, Wesley, Mylo, Norman, Dennis and Harold


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