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About Gilbert Gilbertson

Ancestral Home of the Gilbertsons in NorwayGilbert Gilbertson came to America with his parents and siblings in 1854.  This is a photo of their original home in the Numedal district of Norway .   Larger image

1856 Iowa Census
St. Ansgars Township, Mitchell County
Page 689
Household #1, Entry #1
NameAgeSexBirthYrs in Iowa
Gilbert Gilbertson46MNorway2
Ambior Gilbertson50FNorway2
Aase Gilbertson13FNorway2
Gilbert Gilbertson9MNorway2
Guiri Olson70FNorway2
Gilbert (father) is identified as a naturalized citizen. The census also provides the following information about farm activity:
The Gilbertson farm produced 30 tons of hay, 5 acres produced 80 bushels of spring wheat, 5 acres produced 250 bushels of corn, and 1 acre of potatoes produced 200 bushels.  6 head of cattle were sold for $155.  200 pounds of butter were manufactured, and 40 pounds of wool produced.
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